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Every now and then, there's a performer who doesn't come out of nowhere but seems to be from everywhere. Mitski was born in Japan but spent her youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malaysia, China and Turkey, before landing in New York.

She described herself as "half Japanese, half American, but not fully either." Helping bridge the cultural gap was her mother's extensive collection of '70's U.S. pop.

Mitski's third album, "Bury Me At Makeout Creek" won widespread critical acclaim.

Two years later, in '16, she released "Puberty 2." The set featured the cross-cultural track "Your Best American Girl," a song about the challenges of dating an All-American boy.

Mitski Discography

Studio Albums:

2012 Lush
2013 Retired From Sad. New Career In Business
2014 Bury Me At Makeout Creek
2016 Puberty 2


2015 Mitski - Audiotree Live

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