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Al Jourgensen founded the Chicago-based Ministry in '81.

A decade into their career, Ministry found a perfect piece of nonsense with the single "Jesus Built My Hotrod" (co-authored by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers and Ministry keyboardist Michael Balch). The accompanying video made a splash on MTV. The song was on the '92 set, "Psalm 69," which, thanks to guitarists Mike Scaccia's and Louis Svitek, was the group's most successful and Metal oriented set to date.

The album also contained the singles "N.W.O." (a protest of the Persian Gulf War and then-President George H.W. Bush) and "Just One Fix" (a collaboration with poet/novelist William S. Burroughs).

Efforts to move beyond Industrial Metal (namely "Filth Pig" and "Dark Side Of The Spoon") were not well received.

After releasing eleven studio albums between '83 and '07, Jourgensen announced the group was done. An '08 farewell tour concluded in Dublin and Jourgensen repeatedly stated it would be Ministry's last show. But ticket demand was so great a second concert was added. But not even that show turned out to be the finale.

Three Ministry songs were featured in the Academy Award-winning '09 film The Hurt Locker (the movie's original soundtrack album containsed only the Marco Beltrami/Buck Sanders score). "Fear (Is Big Business)" and "Palestina" were co-written by Jourgensen and Ministry guitarist Tommy Victor. "Khyber Pass" was co-written by Jourgensen, Victor and bassist Paul Raven.

A documentary film called Fix: The Ministry Movie was completed but quickly succumbed to a legal dispute between the producer and Jourgensen. After the suit was dropped the film was screened privately in '11 at the Music Box Theater in L.A.

Following the group's dissolution, even though they ended on something of a high note (sold out shows), Jourgensen emphatically stated he had no interested in a Ministry reunion. Of course, that's exactly what happened in '11.

In addition to Jourgensen, the line-up included guitarists Scaccia (a founding member of Rigor Mortis) and Victor, John Bechdel on keyboards, bassist Tony Campos and drummer Aaron Rossi. The group released their comeback album, "Relapse," a year later.

Sadly, Scaccia collapsed while performing onstage at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, as part of a 50th birthday celebration for Rigor Mortis singer Bruce Corbitt. Scaccia was taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital where he is pronounced dead. He was 47.

The medical examiner attributed Scaccia's death to a sudden heart attack brought on by heart disease.

"Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed And The Way to Suck Eggs" was his first full-length Ministry album.

Ministry's '13 album, "From Beer To Eternity," was the result of a mammoth recording session that was followed by Scaccia's death just three days later.

"Everything went so smoothly. Mikey was on fire and inspired, and really a driving force," said Jourgensen. "I'm super proud of 'From Beer To Eternity' because it's my tribute to Mikey's incredible talent, and I feel it honors him and all of the years we spent together making music."
Ministry Discography

Studio Albums:

1983 With Sympathy
1986 Twitch
1988 The Land Of Rape And Honey
1989 The Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Taste
1992 Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way To Suck Eggs
1996 Filth Pig
1999 Dark Side Of The Spoon
2003 Animositisomina
2004 Houses Of The Mole
2006 Rio Grande Blood
2007 The Last Sucker
2012 Relapse
2013 From Beer To Eternity

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