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Mika Miko

L.A. is a music mecca. Approximately one-half of the country's musical talent is packed into a twenty square mile area - living, dying, marking time and even making music. How do you cut through the clutter? Well make more noise and be more frantic on stage than anyone else. It doesn't hurt to be a predominately female band.

Mika Miko started in '03. The L.A. band's original line-up featured a male drummer (Jon Erik Edrosa) but he was replaced by Kate Hall before the group embarked on an '05 national tour. But Seth Densham landed behind the drum kit prior to the release of "We Be Xuxa."

The group played at The Smell, an L.A. all ages art space where they also volunteered. This was an important part of the group's development. Having a place to play; try out new songs and get some feedback (good and bad) is what developing bands sorely need. The Beatles had Liverpool's Cavern Club and Green Day took up residency at Oakland's Gilman Street Project. Not to equate Mika Miko with those two bands but having a regular performance venue makes a big difference.

Mika Miko contributed to local compilations before getting a full-length opportunity. "C.Y.S.L.A.B.F." was co-released by a pair of indie labels. One of those labels, Past Present Medium, issued "We Be Xuxa."

Mika Miko Discography


2003 Demo CD-R
2004 Mika Miko 7"
2005 Treasure Tropics
2005 Mika Miko Tape
2005 Live And Rare!
2005 Under 21: Los Angeles! A Compilation Of Rad Youth
2006 C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.
2007 666 EP
2007 666 And Rare CD
2008 Sex Jazz 7"
2009 We Be Xuxa

Mika Miko's "We Be Xuxa" is a frantic, entertaining set that blends Garage Rock ethos with Punk. Sloppy chords are augmented by noise and fervor. Energy can cover a multitude of sins.

With that in mind, it's hardly surprising Mika Miko covered "Sex" by '70s - '80s SoCal Punk minimalists, the Urinals. Rolling between two chords works perfectly. "Totion" is a dose of 60's sci-fi Rock while "Beat The Rush" could be a Go-Go's demo. It's inevitable that any L.A. "girl-group" is going to be compared to the '80s band. But here the comparison lives and dies with a single song.

"Sex Jazz," which has nothing to do with Jazz, "Johnson R," and "Wildbore" are pure shots of modern Punk.

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