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Getting kicked out of a group is usually a painful experience. But sometimes it's an opportunity. In '02, when guitarist vocalist Scott Blonde and vocalist, bassist, violinist Lisa Light got kicked out of a band they decided to form the Lovemakers. Blonde was a Vermont raised prodigy. Easy to figure out what he would do. Light traveled a different route. She was a Stanford educated ex-Marine biologist who once worked as a circus violinists - interesting career path especially since the need for circus violinists has got to be extremely limited.

The Oakland based Blonde and Light added Jason Proctor, a Manchester (U.K.) native who lived just down the street, to play an assortment of keyboards. The last to join was drummer Josh "The Eagle" Kilbourne, who hailed from Concord, CA.

Being the Lovemakers allowed Blonde and Light to engage in on stage make out sessions while diligently leaving the nature of their relationship ambiguous. A little mystery is always good. The group's debut "Times Of Romance" arrived in '05 and was led by club hit "Prepare For The Fight." The "porn shot" cover" certainly grabbed some attention. But after all, they are the Lovemakers.

Lovemakers Discography

If you're tearing apart the house looking for those Berlin, Human League or early Duran Duran CDs and they just haven't turned up (because your significant other tossed them years ago), the Lovemakers are a viable substitute. In fact, they are so dead-on it's uncanny. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery the '80s New Wave crowd should feel well appreciated.

Like the Wavers they draw from, the Lovemakers pack their music with beats, hooks and affectations. They don't travel outside the boundaries their predecessors laid down but they do a good job of re-creating the whole vibe. "Prepare For The Fight" is an excellent first single, amply demonstrating the group's blending of keyboards and guitar. They also know how to set up the hook as demonstrated on "Dance" and "Set Me Free."

Blonde and Light share vocal duties. This male/female dichotomy provides a telling shift in viewpoint and alters the group dynamic for the better. Blonde provides a hard edge to "Prepare For The Fight" while Light excels with an effective, airy vocal on "Is It Alright."

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