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Love Is All

Often bands don't really break-up. The group ends but an internal click continues. So when times get tough two or three tight band members start over again. That's more or less what happened with Love Is All which was born out of the ruins of Girlfrendo.

Josephine Olausson (vocals) and Nicholaus Sparding (guitar) were founding members of Girlfrendo with Markus Gorsch (drums) joining later. The group did some recording but didn't realize much success. It was after a particularly depressing rehearsal in a cold factory building that Olausson, Sparding and Gorsch decided to disband Girlfrendo. One of the first things they did was secure a rehearsal space with central heating. John Lindwall (bass) and Fredrik Eriksson (sax, keyboards and percussion) were brought in.

Recording for the New York based What's Your Rupture? label Love Is All released the reckless and noisy, "Nine Times That Same Song," in '06.

Love Is All returned in '08 with their sophomore album, "A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night."
Love Is All Discography


2006 Nine Times That Same Song
2008 A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night
2010 Two Thousand And Ten Injuries

Love Is All has been called one-dimensional. But what a dimension! Their post-Punk Dance-Rock is infectious fun. Concise songs, loaded with hooks, support Olausson's hyperactive, high pitched vocals, that has been likened to "Bjork on speed."

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