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Little Joy

Late night discussions are almost always extremely earnest (usually alcohol's involved). But by the morning light, those exchanges are forgotten or dismissed.

That's what happened when The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti and singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante (Los Hermanos) met at the Portuguese Festival in Lisbon. The two talked about working on a project that bore no relation to their present bands. Though the discussions continued through the morning nothing immediate came of them.

Amarante hooked up with Moretti again a year later when he was working on a recording project in the U.S, but the two steered clear of music. It took L.A. native, singer Binki Shapiro, to encourage the pair to work on music. Shortly after Shapiro was added to the mix, the trio holed up in an Echo Park (L.A.) house to work on songs. With producer Noah Georgeson, who had worked previously with Amarante, they began recording.

The group took its name from a cocktail lounge just down the street from their house.

Little Joy Discography

If Moretti wanted to do something totally different from The Strokes he certainly succeeded with "Little Joy." This relaxed set has tastes of Reggae, Bossa Nova and other global influences - just the sort of lounge music you'd expect to hear in a beachfront dive a culture away from Echo Park. Most songs have sparse, straight-forward but often captivating, arrangements. There are a couple upbeat tunes, which still maintain a casual looseness, "Keep Me In Mind" and the sly "How To Hang A Warhol."

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