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Len Price 3

There are a lot of bands named after individual members. But usually turmoil develops over the amount of attention or recognition that person receives relative the other band members. If a band wants to name itself after a person it might be wise to choose one that has little or no connection.

Southern Rock's Lynyrd Skynyrd took their name from a particularly tough high school gym teacher named Leonard Skinner. Derek & The Dominoes had Eric Clapton fronting but no Derek. And so it is with the Len Price 3. Mercifully, there is no Len Price. Rather, the band consists of Glenn Page, Steve Huggins and Neil Fromow.

They started in what's known as the Medway Delta - the southeast corner of England - playing in a local pub where they got banned for being too loud. So they changed their name and signed with the Australian label Laughing Outlaw Records, who released their debut album "Chinese Burn."

The band performed at the '06 South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin which led to being signed by Steven Van Zandt's (Bruce Springsteen's guitarist or 'Silvo' on The Sopranos) Wicked Cool Records. But a dispute between Laughing Outlaw and Wicked Cool held up the group's second album, "Rent A Crowd," which finally dropped in May, '07. Next up was their '10 release "Pictures."

Len Price 3 Discography


2005 Chinese Burn
2007 Rent a Crowd
2010 Pictures
2014 Nobody Knows

Welcome to 1966. The year was a confluence of styles. Rock N' Roll was still pop but British Invasion bands were tinkering with established song structures - no more 'three chords and done'. In the States, groups were also experimenting as lyrics took a serious turn and songs pushed the AM radio imposed 3-minute limit.

As a counter-balance, there were other bands who eschewed slick production values. They took the very three chords the Brit boys were abandoning and retooled them in the garage so they came out sounding harder and nastier than before.

The following year, Acid Rock and Hard Rock cut a deep line of demarcation. Those mid-60s bands either lost their audience or their credibility. But all that was still weeks away.

It's funny that the post-Brit invasion/pre-psychedelic era lasted a little over a year but the Len Price 3 have worked that vein far longer though they obviously didn't start that way.

The original concept seems to have been Punk cut with '60s sensibilities. "Chinese Burn" certainly reflects that with nods toward the Byrds and Garage Rock. These latter influences come to the forefront on "Rent A Crowd" as they channel The Who's "Substitute" on "Rentacrowd," the Byrds again with "Doctor Gee" and even Donovan for "Mesmer."

The usual adornments are present on "Pictures" but there are also some new twists. "Mr. Grey," is a perfect knock-off of The Kinks "A Well Respected Man." And just like the in mid-60s, they incorporate a cheesy organ (on "The Girl Who Became A Machine" and "Man Who Used To Be") for theatrical impact - far out.

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