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Kings Of Chaos

"I haven't really got the energy to go and try and create a band. I'd rather just get a bunch of great guys together that everybody knows and go and play a bunch of shows to 60,000 people." That was the thinking behind Matt Sorum's creation of Kings Of Chaos.

Kings Of Chaos was a downsized edition of the loose collective known as the Rock N' Roll All Stars. At the core are three Guns N' Roses vets: drummer Matt Sorum, bassist Duff McKagen and guitarist Gilby Clarke. Vocalist Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), guitarist Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), vocalist Ed Roland (Collective Soul), bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and singer Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) have also been part of the ensemble.

The arrangement worked well for Sorum. "Velvet Revolver took us 18 months to build up," stated the drummer. "I don't really want to go on the road for 18 months any more, which will basically kill you unless you're doing hard drugs - and I don't do hard drugs any more. This idea that I came up with is like a release for the other guys."

Kings Of Chaos made their live debut at the 2013 Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia.
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