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Jubilee was a collection of journeymen L.A. musicians who formed in '07.

North, the lead guitarist for Nine Inch Nails' live shows, achieved some measure of fame during an '02 Austin show with his band Icarus Line. At the Hard Rock Cafe he broke the protective case and took a guitar that once belonged to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Before he could plug the guitar into his amp security people descended upon him. Nonetheless, the incident earned the wrath of the Vaughan faithful as well as righteous Texans, resulting in several death threats. As far as North was concerned, you could just add them to the list.

North was not the sort of fellow who tended to make a good first impression. According to N.I.N. leader Trent Reznor, when he first saw North he got very angry. The guy looked terrible, his equipment was junk. He didn't seem to be taking the audition seriously. But when Reznor heard North play he was sold.

North's Buddyhead webzine, which he co-owned with Travis Keller (photographer/DJ), had been sued numerous times for slander by celebrities (including Courtney Love) and labels (like Drive-Thru Records). Obviously, the 'gossip section' was a good, if edgy/offensive read. The webzine started in '98 and the associated label (Buddyhead Records) morphed out of that venture.

In '05, North played with Queens Of The Stone Age at in-store promotional appearances and even performed with the group during a couple full-on concerts which put him in contact with Michael Schuman.

Schuman was the music director and program director of KXLU - FM in L.A. before he ditched radio for playing bass. Schuman and Evan Weiss were founding members of Wires On Fire, who recorded for Buddyhead Records which naturally was also Jubilee's label.

Jubilee used several drummers before hooking up with Humphrey, a founding member of the Anaheim, based Garage Rock band, The Willowz.

The group issued their debut single, "Rebel Hiss," in early '08 as a 7-inch vinyl, a CD and a limited edition tour 7-inch vinyl. The "Rebel Hiss" album followed shortly thereafter.

The set included "Fuzz Are Down" and "The Fool On The Pill." North sang on "Fuzz Are Down," while Shuman handled the vocals for "The Fool On The Pill."

Jubilee Discography


2008 Rebel Hiss
2009 Live In Belfast

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