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Joy Formidable

At their root Rock bands are quixotic experiments in meshing personalities and creating a sound. And rarely are these ventures successful. That's why bands named Sidecar Kisses and Tricky Nixon came and went before North Wales childhood friends Ritzy Bryan and bassist Rhydian Dafydd dialed in Joy Formidable.

"The sparks really flew when we started messing with things that were choral and symphonic, mixed with what both of us had already enjoyed separately: dirty, loud, rhythmic guitars and thick bass-lines," said Bryan.

A self-released eight-track EP, "A Balloon Called Moaning," preceded a move to London and the addition of drummer Matthew Thomas.

"We do lean towards a slightly Metal aesthetic when it comes to drums, which makes it very loud and heavy and all the things we want to be as a live entity… and that's because of Matt being in the band," added Bryan.

Signed by Canvasback Records Joy Formidable's self-produced debut album "The Big Roar," dropped in early '11. "(It) covers a lot of emotional range," noted Dafydd. "It's captured the battle between the eternal optimist and the manic depressive." Though "I Don't Want To See You Like This," was the lead single it was follow-up track, "Whirring," that grabbed attention.

In a nice piece of marketing, the band released "Wolf's Law," the title track of their sophomore album, free to all members of the band's mailing list. Then "Cholla" was issued as a single.

The album "Wolf's Law" dropped in November, '12, and two weeks later the EP "Cholla" arrived containing "Wolf's Law" and "Cholla," an acoustic version of "Cholla" and "Tempo (Strong - Weak -Weak)," a song not included on "Wolf's Law."

Joy Formidable Discography

Studio Albums:

2011 The Big Roar
2013 Wolf's Law


2008 A Balloon Called Moaning
2012 Cholla

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