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Joanna Gruesome

There are a great many Punk bands who could use an anger management session or two. So when the story circulated that members of the Cardiff, Wales group Joanna Gruesome first met in '10 at an anger-management group, it sounded too perfect to be true.

That they bonded over a mutual love of Hardcore and writing songs as musical therapy sounded a bit more plausible.

The name Joanna Gruesome was a reference to musician Joanna Newsom, an American harpist, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and actress.

Interestingly, Newsom, as a child, was not allowed to watch television or listen to the radio because she was raised by parents who were "kind of idealists when it came to hoping they could protect (her) from bad influences, like violent movies, or stupid stuff."

With their debut full-length set, '13's "Weird Sister," Joanna Gruesome soon became known for their energetic live shows and their forthright feminist and anti-homophobic views.

The band won the 2014 Welsh Music Prize for "Weird Sister."

The following year, Joanna Gruesome returned with their sophomore album, "Peanut Butter," an economical set of 10 noise-pop songs in 22 minutes.

Joanna Gruesome Discography


2013 Weird Sister
2015 Peanut Butter

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