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Jesus & Mary Chain

Consisting of Scottish brothers William Reid (vocals/guitars) and Jim Reid (vocals/guitars) along with Douglas Hart (bass) and Murray Dalglish (drums), Jesus & Mary Chain moved to London in '84 where they signed with Creation Records. Their debut single, the distortion drenched "Upside Down" made a dent on the indie charts. Later in the year, Dalglish was replaced by Bobby Gillespie, formerly of Primal Scream.

Jesus & Mary Chain, powered by amphetamine sulphate, soon made a name for themselves but not necessarily in a good way. They quickly became known for short sets (averaging 20 minutes) and a downright bad/snotty attitude reminiscent of the Sex Pistols. That's when they executed a change-up. Rather than blasting the walls with their next single, they released the dreamy pop oriented (for the U.K.) "Just Like Honey."

Soon Gillespie was back with Primal Scream but no matter, Jesus & Mary Chain released their highly acclaimed '85 debut album "Psychocandy" which featured another accessible single "Some Candy Talking" (a song allegedly about heroin). While all this was going on the group added John Moore on drums and signed with Warner Records for U.S. distribution.

"Darklands" followed. It too won critical praise though not to "Psychocandy's" level. A less than stellar North American tour seemed to stall their efforts. To keep fans happy between albums a compilation of out-takes, "Barbed Wire Kisses," was released in '88. The Reid brothers, operating more or less as a duo, using synth drums, distortion and studio tricks finally had a set of new songs. "Automatic" arrived in '90.

Next up was the acoustic "home recording" "Stoned & Dethroned." The singer-songwriter approach flopped all the way around resulting in Warners dropping the group. They moved to Def American for a pair of passable efforts, "Honey's Dead" ('92) and "Hate Rock N Roll" ('95). Picked up by Sub-Pop in '98, the Jesus & Mary Chain released "Munki" containing the single "Cracking Up." After that the Reid brothers set off on individual projects.

Though the Jesus & Mary Chain regrouped in '07 for touring which helped promote various compilations it wasn't until '17 that the group released their first album in 18 years, "Damage And Joy."

Jesus & Mary Chain Discography


1985 Psychocandy
1987 Darklands
1989 Automatic
1992 Honey's Dead
1994 Stoned & Dethroned
1998 Munki
2017 Damage And Joy

Jesus & Mary Chain made a name for themselves with songs ranging from distortion noise-fests ("Upside Down") to accessible Rockers ("Happy When It Rains"). In the U.S., they were more talked about than heard.

"21 Singles" is just that. It covers the group's entire career and is an excellent introduction. "Psychocandy" is usually available as an import and worth seeking out.

"Munki" is a strong set containing the riveting "I Love Rock N Roll" with its mixed down vocals and slashing beat. That song and the stark single "Cracking Up" are also on "21 Singles." The rest of the album tends to wander here and there as the group tries different approaches.


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