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Jefferson Starship/Starship

Jefferson Starship

Grace Slick - Vocals
Paul Kantner - Guitar/Vocals
Craig Chaquico - Lead Guitar/Synthesizer/Backing Vocals
Pete Sears - Bass/Keyboards/Guitar/Backing Vocals
David Freiberg - Keyboards/Synthesizer/Bass/Vocals
Papa John Creach - Violin
Johnny Barbata - Drums/Percussion


Grace Slick - Vocals
Mickey Thomas - Vocals
Craig Chaquico - Lead Guitar/Synthesizer/Backing Vocals
David Freiberg - Keyboards/Synthesizer/Bass/Vocals
Gabriel Katona - Keyboards/Synthesizer/Sax/Backing Vocals
Pete Sears - Bass/Keyboards/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Donny Baldwin - Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals

Jefferson Airplane was fantastic. The first mutation, Jefferson Starship was a major step down but at least Marty Balin returned every so often with a song or a vocal to help things along. After some legal tumbles over who owned the name "Jefferson" it was dropped. Jefferson Starship/Starship revolved around the ever present Paul Kantner/Grace Slick axis along with guitarist Craig Chaquico and later, vocalist Mickey Thomas. Thomas, once a member of Elvin Bishop's Band, sang the hit "Fooled Around and Fell In Love." He also killed time in the '80s doing a duet with the late-great Donna "Disco" Summer ("Only The Fool Survives").

In true corporate Rock fashion this band could crank out rock-by-the-numbers. "We Built This City" and "Find Your Way Back" were hits but "Jane" was the best of the lot. Chaquico was last spotted playing "new age" guitar.
Jefferson Starship Discography

1974 Dragon Fly
1975 Red Octopus
1976 Spitfire
1978 Earth
1979 Freedom At Point Zero
1981 Modern Times
1982 Winds Of Change
1984 Nuclear Furniture
1985 Knee Deep In The Hoopla (As Starship)
1987 No Protection (As Starship)
1989 Love Among The Cannibals (As Starship)
1998 Windows Of Heaven
2008 Jefferson's Tree Of Liberty

The albums are reckless wrecks with "Red Octopus" being the most solid and memorable of the lot. The "Gold" compilation culls Jefferson Starship's best material on to one CD.

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