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Ima Robot

Ima Robot

No doubt, it's a curious phenomenon. Two or more people, either suffering from stress, fatigue or are wasted, have an insane moment. Laughter flows and every spontaneous action or comment brings hysterics. Unfortunately, when these incidences are relayed in the cold light of day, they not only lose their humor, they cause the listener to question the participant's sanity. But it was just one of those instances that led to the naming of Ima Robot.

Ebert had mysteriously cut himself and yelped "I'm bleeding!" "I'm a pig!" Anderson replied. That sent the two into a spastic fit with Ebert responding "I'm a robot." Nobody could have made up that exchange.

Ebert, Goldstein and Anderson were plodding along, going through bass players and drummers, when they asked Justin Meldal-Johnsen to join. JMJ had been in Beck's backing band for several years. He was a heavyweight. He was also a lot older. Why bother with these L.A. wannabes? Well, they wanted him bad and he wanted his own band.

That addition led to the recruitment of another Beck vet, Joey Waronker. Their self-titled debut featuring "Dynomite" was release in late '03.

Ima Robot Discography


2003 Ima Robot
2006 Monument To The Masses
2010 Another Man's Treasure

Welcome to the long gone '80s. "Ima Robot" is about as retro as they come. Mining New Wave's peripheral (Oingo Boingo, Modern English, Wall Of Voodoo, etc.) they jack up the energy and pull it off. The squeaky guitar and Ebert's snotty vocals on "Dynomite" and the Wave/Punk "A Is For Action" are on target. A couple songs start with Ebert rants (including "Here Come The Bombs" where he intones "I'm A Robot"). These are a bit grating but no more than when Ebert sings. His voice is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. Get past it and Ima Robot is pretty hot.

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