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It's not unusual for a SoCal Punk band to have a political agenda. Ignite actively supported, and donated proceeds to Earth First, Doctors Without Borders, Sea Shepherd, and Pacific Wildlife.

Lead singer Zoltan "Zoli" Teglas often sang about environmental issues and vegetarianism.

In Ignite's early days, vocalists Joe Nelson and Randy Johnson were short-timers. So was guitarist Gavin Oglesby, who went on to a career as a graphic artist. Original bassist Casey Jones and guitarist Joe Foster hung around for five years each, before engaging in other ventures.

After more than a half dozen albums in the '90's, Ignite's commercial breakthrough came in '00 with "A Place Called Home." The legacy of state capitalism in Eastern Europe was a recurring theme, a result of Teglas' Hungarian background.

(On the album "Our Darkest Days," Teglas sang a traditional folk song in Hungarian to the music of the title track.)

Teglas took a leave of absence in '10 to tour as the frontman for Pennywise. He held that post until he was sidelined with a back injury in '12. He encouraged Pennywise's original vocalist Jim Lindberg, to rejoin the group, which he did.

Ignite, with Teglas, recorded their fifth album, "A War Against You," the band's follow-up to '06's "Our Darkest Days."

Ignite Discography

Studio Albums:

1994 Scarred For Life
1995 In My Time EP
1995 Family (same recordings as "Call On My Brothers")
1995 Call On My Brothers
1996 Ignite/Good Riddance (split with Good Riddance)
1996 Past Our Means EP
1997 Ignite/X-Acto split
2000 A Place Called Home
2006 Our Darkest Days
2015 A War Against You

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