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Iced Earth

Guitarist/founder Jon Schaffer is the only constant in Iced Earth. The Tampa based group started as Purgatory in '85 but changed their name to Iced Earth, inspired by a friend of Schaffer who died in a motorcycle accident. The group's self-titled debut dropped in '90 ('91 in the U.S.).

While band members came and went regularly, they had a long time vocalist in Matt Barlow. However, Barlow's first appearance didn't happen until the group's third album, '95's "Burnt Offerings."

In '03 Barlow left, for the first time, after Schaffer became disenchanted with Barlow's vocal performance. Barlow went on to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Next up was Tim "Ripper" Owens who was famous for fronting a Judas Priest tribute band when he got the call to front the legendary group. Owens was still in Priest when Schaffer asked him to sing on '04's "The Glorious Burden," as a favor. But with the return of Rob Halford to Priest, Owens decided to join Iced Earth. With Owens, Iced Earth issued '07 set "Framing Armageddon."

Once again, Owens got bumped by a returning frontman when Barlow decided to come back after a five year hiatus. But his tenure on this go round was relatively short-lived, comprised essentially of the '08 set "The Crucible Of Man."

In early '11, Barlow announced his second departure stating he wanted to spend more time with his family. This would become a recurring theme.

At that point, Into Eternity's vocalist Stu Block was added. His first album with the group was "Dystopia," released later that year.

The revolving door kept spinning with comings and goings that were hard even for a fan to follow.

Bassist Freddie Vidales left and was subsequently replaced by Luke Appleton.

Drummer Brent Smedley bailed for personal reasons the following year. Raphael Saini was heard on "Plagues Of Babylon." He also toured with the group until Jon Dette stepped in.

Smedley returned in '15 only months prior to lead guitarist Troy Seele's announcement that he was leaving for family reasons. Seele was replaced by Jake Dreyer.

When the dust finally settled, Iced Earth's twelfth album, "Incorruptible," dropped in '17.

Iced Earth Discography


1990 (U.K.)/'91(U.S.) Iced Earth
1991(U.K.)/'92 (U.S.) Night Of The Stormrider
1995 Burnt Offerings
1996 The Dark Saga
1998 Something Wicked This Way Comes
2001 Horror Show
2004 The Glorious Burden
2007 Framing Armageddon
2008 The Crucible Of Man
2011 Dystopia
2014 Plagues Of Babylon
2017 Incorruptible

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