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HURT is a study in contrasts. Lead singer J. Loren Wince, though born in Baltimore, grew up in rural Virginia. The band's drummer, Evans Johns, the son of producer Andy Johns and nephew of an even more famous producer, Glyn Johns (Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Beatles) was raised in L.A. You'd think that Johns, a native of the land where image is valued over substance and possessing some serious musical connections would be fronting a band and Wince, coming from the sticks, might be more suited behind a drum kit rather than singing in front of it. But there you go.

HURT bassist Joshua Ansley and guitarist Paul Spatola are a little closer aligned. Both born on the east cost (Ansley in New Jersey and Spatola hails from Brooklyn) the two were in a high school band, Social Butterfly, together.

With everybody in L.A. the group signed with Capitol Records and released "HURT Vol. 1" in '06 and Vol. 2," led by the single, "Ten Ton Brick" (a Top 10 Hit on the Active Rock Radio Chart), a year later.

Authors who have had a couple successful novels often get pressured by a publisher to come up with another work in short order. Since writing a novel, like recording an album, is serious work the publisher asks for something already written that's unpublished (perhaps an early rejected work filed away). It's the same for bands. Labels want to assign a group's name to a set of recordings and sell it through.

"The Re-Consumation" was HURT's first album. The '08 re- release was pitched as the remastered prequel to "Vol. 1" and "2" containing early versions of songs from both albums ("Cold Inside" - "Vol. 1" and "Loded", "Et Al" and "Alone With the Sea" - "Vol. 2").

HURT Discography

Studio Albums:

2000 HURT
2003 The Consumation
2006 Vol. 1
2007 Vol. II
2008 The Re-Consumation
2009 Goodbye To The Machine (
2012 The Crux
2014 HURT
2015 Besides & Footnotes

HURT melds acoustic and electric guitars, soft and loud passages, intimate vocals with shouts. Rapid sonic and tempo changes can be jarring - by design. Creates some interesting drama. It would probably be more effective if they didn't do it so damn often.

Check out "Losing," "Unkind" and "Danse Russe" from "Vol. 1" and "Abuse Of Sid," "Loded," "On The Radio," Thank You For Listening" and, of course, "Ten Ton Brick" on "Vol. 2."

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