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Howlin' Rain

Guitarist/vocalist Ethan Miller started Comets On Fire with the idea of creating sonically and rhythmically intense music. From the band's '01 self-titled debut through to their fourth album, '06's "Avatar," Miller accomplished his goal. But a couple years earlier, Miller decided to pursue a more melodic sound forming the San Francisco based Howlin' Rain with Ian Gradek (bass) and John Moloney (drums). The band's self-title debut was released following Comets On Fire's final album ('06's "Avatar").

The line-up of Miller, Gradek, Joel Robinow (multi-instrumentalist), Eli Eckert (guitar), Mike Jackson (rhythm guitar), Matt Waters (sax), Scott Knippelmeir (trombone) and Garrett Goddard (drums) produced '08 sophomore album, "Magnificent Fiend." Later that year, the group issued "Wild Life." The album consisted of two extended jams - one based on Paul McCartney's song "Wild Life" (hence the title). The other track was "Black Sangria."

Another round of personnel changes led to the addition of Cyrus Comiskey (bass) and Raj Ojha (drums/percussion). "The Good Life" EP dropped in '10 with the full-length "The Russian Wilds," arriving two years later on Valentine's Day (2/14).

Howlin' Rain Discography


2006 Howlin' Rain
2008 Magnificent Fiend
2008 Wild Life
2010 The Good Life
2012 The Russian Wilds

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