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Though Houndstooth call Portland (OR) home, they are all transplants.

Singer Katie Bernstein and guitarist John Gnorski hail from Austin. Bassist Courtney Sheedy and guitarist Michael Yun are Detroit natives. Drummer Graeme Gibson (who replaced Brette Marie Way in '12) is from the wilds of Canada.

Before joining Houndstooth, Gibson worked as a recording engineer and producer. He put his expertise to good use on the group's '13 full-length debut "Ride Out The Dark," an album that got the group immediately categorized as 'shoegazers'.

Houndstooth began three years earlier as a collaboration between Bernstein and Gnorski - her languid, dreamy yet captivating vocals and his lean jangling, hazy Blues.

The group's sophomore effort, "No News From Home" was a '15 release.

Houndstooth Discography


2013 Ride Out The Dark
2015 No News From Home

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