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Hearing your song on the radio for the first time is always a thrill. But L.A.'s Hoobastank was on tour when "Crawling In The Dark" hit the airwaves and didn't catch it on the radio until it had been out for some time. Meanwhile, friends were constantly calling saying they'd heard it again and again. Had to be a little frustrating.

Hoobastank (whose butt stinks) formed in '95 with vocalist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin and bassist Marku Lappalainen. Needing a drummer, they recruited Chris Hesse and also landed sax player Jeremy Wasser. Soon the group was playing local gigs, sometimes sharing the bill with fellow L.A. locals, Incubus. The connection led to working with Incubus producer Jim Wirt, but that came later.

Hoobastank's maiden indie release, the EP, "They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To," with "Can I Buy You A Drink," came out in '98.

Having a reasonably successful EP usually leads to signing with a major label. Hoobastank went that route but it was far from a slam-dunk. They spent the next three years touring and producing demos while record execs kept asking for more songs. During this period Wasser had a falling out and left. Seemed the group didn't feel he added all that much and to top it off, it had become a nuisance to write horn arrangements.

Eventually, Island/Def Jam got off the fence and signed Hoobastank with their self-titled full-length debut appearing in '01. Two years later, following extensive touring, "The Reason" arrived. Then Lappalainen departed and Hoobastank continued as a trio. They released "Every Man For Himself" in '06.

Late the following year, Robb announced on the group's website that Hoobastank was working on a new album and that they had "set the bar very very high for this next CD." He went on to write "more ideas {are} going into this CD than ever before." But it was nearly a year later before word filtered out that the album was almost complete.

There was just one problem. What would they name it? "Sick Of Hanging On," "All About You," and "My Turn," the eventual lead single, were kicked around. "For(N)Ever" was finally selected. "My Turn" landed in late '08 with the album following a couple months later - after the New Year.

Their record label, obviously fearing things were winding down, rolled out two compilations, "The Greatest Hits: Don't Touch My Moustache" and "Live From The Wiltern," just months apart.

For the former's Deluxe Edition tracks were selected by fans on the band's official record label website while the latter was an iTunes exclusive.

Hoobastank was also an opener on Creed's '09 reunion tour and released "We Are One" in '10 as part of a compilation for Music for Relief in support of the Haiti earthquake crisis.

The group's next full-length effort of original material dropped in '12. "Fight Or Flight" containing the lead single "This Is Gonna Hurt," was greeted with mixed reviews and modest chart action.

It would be six years before there was a full-length follow-up. Essentially, Hoobastank began recording in '16, signed with Napalm Records in '17 and delivered their sixth album, "Push Pull," in '18.

Hoobastank Discography


2001 Hoobastank
2003 The Reason
2006 Every Man For Himself
2009 For(n)ever
2012 Fight Or Flight
2018 Push Pull

Early Hoobastank often sounds like its influences, which include Tool, Faith No More, and yes, Guns 'N' Roses.

The group benefits from Robb's lyrics, which cover a broad range in terms of emotion and topics, and Estrin's potent riff-spewing guitar.

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