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The Hollies are best remembered for a string of pop hits starting in the mid '60s - "Bus Stop," "On A Carousel" and "Carrie Anne." However, the group churned out the ballads like "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" with Elton John on piano and "Air That I Breathe." The group's best and best-known song "Long Cool Woman" didn't come until nearly the end, after the group had gone through several changes.

Forming in Manchester, England in the early '60s the Hollies rode the vocal and guitar talents Graham Nash and Allan Clarke. While a solid singles success the Hollies never had a significant album and that irked Nash. So in '68, he left eventually joining Crosby, Stills & Nash. Terry Sylvester was Nash's replacement and the group continued on. By '71 Clarke had enough and also packed it in but not before laying down the vocals for "Long Cool Woman." With the song's worldwide success Clarke's replacement was sent to the showers and Clarke was induced to return. They released "Air That I Breathe" along with about a half dozen failed singles before it all ended.

Hollies  Discography

Graham Nash was right. The Hollies were, first last and always, a singles band, but a pretty good one. The albums are out of print or if available, aren't really worth pursuing, unless possessing everything Nash has recorded is vital. There are several compilations that do the group justice including, "The Hollies 30th Anniversary Anthology," "The Best of the Hollies" and "Greatest Hits." Curb Records released the discount "All Time Greatest Hits." With far better compilations available this one doesn't cut it. It's too few tracks and no detail.

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