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Henry Rollins Band

Henry Rollins Band

With the end of Black Flag in '86, the group's last vocalist, Henry Rollins pursued his desire to be a spoken word artist and author, starting a publishing company named after his birthday, 2.13.61. The Washington, D.C. native also started his own group teaming with Chris Haskett (guitar), Simeon Cain (drums) and Andrew Weiss (bass), who was later replaced by Melvin Gibbs. Though not "officially" in the group, engineer Theo Van Rock (Eenbergen) made vital contributions to the sound. While it would soon be commonplace, the Rollins Band continued the Punk/Metal meld started by Black Flag and others. Though "true" punks disdained it, the sound became an Alt. Rock mainstay.

Henry Rollins Band Discography

Though it's a bit pricey, the best option for the Rollins Band is the compilation "Audio Airstrike." The "Weight" and "Come In and Burn" are the studio albums to get. The former has the cynical "Liar" and "Disconnect." Both albums are flinty, intricate Rockers. Rollins' spoken word excursions are entertaining and filled with (black) humor, including a dissertation on life on the road with Black Flag.

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