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The Heavy

It's hard to believe there was once a time when licensing a song for a commercial was considered artistic suicide. A group's credibility would instantly plummet. They were a sell-out. But with fewer opportunities to make an impression on a large audience, commercials are as viable as any other outlet.

The Heavy's '09 album, "The House That Dirt Built" contained "How You Like Me Now" which was used in a Kia Sorento ad that made its debut during Super Bowl XLIV (SB 44 in 2010). Can't get much more exposure than that - or can you? It seemed the commercial was run in a 'heavy' rotation in the months following the early February game.

The Heavy was built around a core of vocalist Kelvin Swaby and guitarist Dan Taylor. The Noid (near Bath), England, group issued their debut album "Great Vengeance And Furious Fire" in '07. Interestingly, the lead single, "That Kind Of Man," was recorded and mixed by the band's ex-drummer Corin Dingley.

Between their debut and sophomore set, "The House That Dirt Built," the group played '08's SXSW earning the 'Best Discovery' award from Spin magazine. They also landed on Rolling Stone's May '08 Hot List.

During the Sorento ad blitz "How You Like Me Now?" also popped up on a couple TV shows - Entourage and Community.

The Heavy Discography


2007 Great Vengeance And Furious Fire
2009 The House That Dirt Built
2012 The Glorious Dead
2016 Hurt & The Merciless

The main difference between "Great Vengeance And Furious Fire" and "The House That Dirt Built" is a matter of focus. Several songs on "Vengeance" are like '60's Stax-Volt R&B powered by Hip-Hop beats. The set also contains songs ("Dignify" and "In The Morning") with a distorted, riff mongering guitar reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz.

"Dirt" fulfills the band's early promise of "Garage Rock Funk" and their so-called "dirty" sound. "Oh No! Not You Again!" is a classic raver with a layered mix. "Stuck" is straight-up, mid-tempo Heavy Metal. And when they jam Metal and Funk, the undeniable groove that drives "How You Like Me Now" results.

"Sixteen" returns to R&B with sweet backing vocals. A Reggae rhythm moves "Love Like That" while "What Do You Want Me To Do?" feels like back room Motown. The surprises include the pop-leaning "No Time" and the '50s Rock N' Roll stroll on the catchy "Cause For Alarm."

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