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Head Cat

Metal, Punk and, surprisingly, Rockabilly are some of the most durable genres in Rock. Musicians keep coming back to these styles either incorporating or updating them. So the idea teaming Rockabilly guitarist Danny Harvey, whose recording career spans a quarter century, with former Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom would seem "natural." The Stray Cats revived Rockabilly in the early '80s and Harvey has been in numerous Rockabilly outfits and even recorded new backing tracks for Elvis Presley's early career Louisiana "Hayride Recordings" in '04.

The wildcard in this line-up was Lemmy Kilmister. As Motorhead's guitarist, Kilmister was personally responsible for creating some of the most brutal, bombastic, unrelenting Metal assaults ever recorded. But looking for a change of pace and a chance to show another aspect of his vast talents, Kilmister worked with Harvey and Phantom on a couple Elvis covers. That went well so they kept at it.

Fittingly, Head Cat's debut album, "Fool's Paradise," was recorded at a Hollywood studio called the Tiki Hut.

Head Cat Discography


2000 Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B
2006 Rockin' The Cat Club: Live From The Sunset Strip (DVD + LP)
2006 Fool's Paradise
2011 Walk The Walk...Talk The Talk

Rockabilly is really just jacked-up Country with a twang and a dash of R&B. "Fool's Paradise" contains faithful renditions of songs originally recorded by Elvis, Lloyd Price and Buddy Holly.

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