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Hate Eternal

Guitarist Erik Rutan was in the Death Metal group Ripping Corpse. They recorded a track titled "Hate Eternal."

The band Hate Eternal, formed by Rutan in '97, made their first real dent with the video for "Powers That Be," a track from their second album "King Of All Kings." It landed on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball.

Follow-up album "I, Monarch," earned some positive reviews for its demonic Metal but the band was mired in business problems and internal rancor. The latter was resolved, for the moment, by the departure of drummer Derek Roddy. He was replaced by Jade Simonetto.

Bassist J. J. Hrubovcak took over from Randy Piro in '08, meaning Rutan was now the only original member. That same year the group unleashed "Fury & Flames. The video for the song "Bringer Of Storms" also landed on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball.

Rutan said he put a lot of emotion into the album because of the death of former bassist/bandmate Jared Anderson (10/14/06).

Three years later, "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" dropped. "The band has come up with one of [their] heaviest, most twisted, evil, melodic, and insane album yet," stated Rutan.

While on tour in advance of their sixth album, "Infernus," Rutan suffered a hand injury forcing the band to pull out of the Deicide tour.

Hate Eternal Discography


1999 Conquering the Throne
2002 King Of All Kings
2005 I, Monarch
2008 Fury & Flames
2011 Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
2015 Infernus

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