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Haste The Day

What, in the name of God, does a Christian Metalcore group do when a member claims he's an atheist? Do they pray for the godless guitarist or ask him to leave? Haste The Day may have done the former but they certainly did the latter with Jason Barnes departing in '08. He was not replaced though band friend, Dave Krysl, became the permanent touring guitarist.

Just three years earlier, vocalist Jimmy Ryan left Haste The Day to settle down. He got married and scored a job with at Tooth & Nail Records. Denver's Stephen Keech, a Christian Rock vet, stepped in.

With Ryan, Haste The Day issued "Burning Bridges" ('04) and "When Everything Fails" ('05).

'07 was a big year for Haste The Day. They unfurled "Pressure The Hinges," their first album with Keech, appeared on Vans Warped Tour and opened for Atreyu. The group also contributed to "It's A Punk Rock Christmas."

The following year, in October, "Dreamer," landed. Haste The Day then launched a supporting tour.

Haste The Day Discography

Haste The Day started as a Metalcore band and have remained faithful. That dedication earned "Dreamer" a Top 10 slot on the Hard Rock album chart. Thanks in no small part to Devin Chaulk's drum work which not so much keeps time as propels the songs.

It may just come down to how the recordings were made but Ryan, who has the chops, lacks Keech's sheer force. Also, the Ryan-era edition of Haste The Day spends too much time developing songs - or hanging on to a riff past the expiration date. They need to cut to the chase quicker. Which is what they accomplish on "Pressure The Hinges" and "Dreamer." From "Dreamer," "Mad Man" goes for the grandeur while "Resolve" is riff-Rock good. "Pressure The Hinges" really gets rolling with the explosive "The Oracle" and "Vertigo."

From Ryan's tenure check out "Breaking My Own Heart" from "Burning Bridges" and the melodic (for Haste The Day) "The Perfect Night" on "When Everything Falls."

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