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When Punk arrived ages ago, it managed to smash disco's mirrored ball and send corporate Rock business-as-usual types running for cover. But Punk was never very commercial so the record folks rounded off the edges, gave it a good scrubbing and found some fresh, clean-shaven faces and called their creation New Wave. Punk went into remission but like a rabid dog or an alley cat, the thing just kept coming back.

The Hunnington Beach, CA, group Guttermouth (great name) formed in '89 with vocalist Mark "Mercury" Adkins, bassist Stever Rapp, drummer Captain James T. Nunn and guitarists Derek Davis and Scott Sheldon.

Guttermouth was recording their debut single "Puke" a year later. However, a full length CD entitled "Full Length" didn't appear until '92. '94 found Guttermouth signed to Nitro records. That same year they released "Friendly People". "Teri Yakimoto" and "Musical Monkey" hit in '96 and '97 respectively.

Having several studio albums in the can by '98, it was time for the obligatory live album. That was accomplished with "Live From The Pharmacy." Another studio album "Gorgeous" followed in '99.

Guttermouth then moved to Epitaph Records. "Covered With Ants" with "She's Got The Look" was produced by Sheldon and issued in '01.

Guttermouth Discography


1991 Full Length LP
1994 Friendly People
1996 Teri Yakimoto
1997 Musical Monkey
1999 Gorgeous
2001 Covered With Ants
2002 Gusto
2003 Eat Your Face
2006 Shave the Planet

Following the classic Punk tradition, Guttermouth specializes in speed Rock, slam-dunk riffs and linear vocals. "Live From The Pharmacy" is a turning point. This is a good live set but it serves more as a line of delineation. The early CDs, "Full Length," "Friendly People," "Teri Yakimoto" and "Musical Monkey" lay it out a blast attack that works most of the time.

"Musical Monkey" containing "What's The Big Deal?" and "Do The Hustle" is the standout. "Gorgeous" shows the group moving toward accessibility without sacrificing too much. The move to the Epitaph label proves beneficial with "Covered In Ants." It is the CD to get with the tongue-in-cheek angst of "She's Got The Look," "Can I Borrow Some Ambition" and "Looking Good Is All That Matters."

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