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The Greenhornes

Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, two-thirds of the Greenhornes, are also known as one-half of The Raconteurs, the band fronted by the White Stripes Jack White and Detroit musician Brendon Benson. Prior to The Raconteurs, Benson produced the Greenhornes' "East Grand Blues" EP and Lawrence and Keeler were the part of the band that recorded Loretta Lynn's '04 comeback album "Van Lear Rose," which was produced by White. Lawrence and Keeler then spent '06 working on The Raconteurs' debut.

But this is about the Greenhornes who go together in '96 in the outskirts of Cincinnati. Their debut full-length album "Gun For You" landed in '99. A self-titled sophomore set arrived two years later. But the five piece outfit got whittled down to a trio, with the departure of Eric Stein (who replaced Brian Olive) and Jared McKinney, prior to '02's "Dual Mono."

"East Grand Blues" and the compilation "Sewed Soles," both issued in '05, were the band's last releases for an extended period (which saw the recording of two Raconteurs albums). However, in '10, the Greenhornes reunited to record "4 Stars," their first full-length studio album in eight years.

Eric Burdon, frontman for the legendary '60s British Blues/Rock outfit, The Animals ("House Of The Rising Sun") joined Bruce Springsteen onstage at the '12 South By Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin for a rendition of The Animals' classic "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place."

Following the performance, Benson approached Burdon and said, 'Man, if you ever come to Nashville, I would love to get you into the studio with this band that I know." Burdon's response was 'let's do it."

Produced by Benson, "Eric Burdon And The Greenhornes," a four-song EP dropped on Record Store Day's Black Friday (11/23) in '12.

"In these Greenhornes sessions, he (Burdon) really came to life," noted Benson, a long-time Burdon fan. "Hearing his voice through the speakers- it's just such an honor and a thrill."

The Greenhornes Discography

Greenhornes Discography

1999 Gun For You
2001 The Greenhornes
2002 Dual Mono
2005 East Grand Blues EP
2005 Sewed Soles (Compilation)
2010 4 Stars
2012 Eric Burdon And The Greehornes EP

Way back, Rhino Entertainment released a compilation called "Highs Of The Sixties." The album captured one-hit wonders on the cusp of the psychedelic era. A combination of Garage bands (Count Five, Shadows Of The Knight, The Seeds and Blue Cheer) and trippy seekers (Love and Vanilla Fudge), the collection documented a time of experimentation, charming amateurism and an unbridled self-actualization. The Greenhornes would have easily fit on that compilation blurring the line between Garage and Acid. Basic chord progressions are played with abandon, zealous vocals that sound a notch short of wasted and the occasional stoned Mick Jagger impersonations - it's all there.

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