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Grass Roots

During their career, which effectively ran from '67 to '72, the Grass Roots earned two gold albums. Both were compilations of their hit singles. They hand a handful of songs that landed n the Top 20 and sold some twenty million records. Despite this, the Grass Roots were largely a faceless band - and with good reason.

The Grass Roots was simply the name given to a recording project undertaken by songwriters P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri to cash in on the Folk Rock's popularity. "Where Were You When I Needed You," recorded by studio musicians, garnered some interest from San Francisco radio stations. So it was decided to re-record the song. The Bedouins, a Bay Area group, were re-christened the Grass Roots. Their version cracked the Top 40 but the accompanying album sold poorly.

An L.A. group, The 13th Floor, consisting of Creed Bratton (vocals, guitar), Warren Entner (vocals, guitar, keyboards), and Kenny Fukomoto (bass) and Rick Coonce (drums, percussion) became the new Grass Roots. Fukomoto was replaced by Rob Grill, who sang lead on a third version of "Where Were You When I Needed You."

"Let's Live For Today" was the group's first Top 10 hit.

When '67 album "Feelings" suffered disappointing sales, Sloan decided to pursue a solo career leaving Barri in control of the group's direction. The Grass Roots' biggest hit, "Midnight Confession" raced up the charts the following year. But by '69, Bratton, unhappy with the increasingly pop leaning, left and was replaced by Dennis Provisor (keyboards/vocals).

Though the Grass Roots failed to notch a Top 20 hit in '70, they landed three - "Temptation Eyes" (#15), "Sooner Or Later" (U.S. #9) and "Two Divided By Love" (U.S. #16) - the next year.

A couple more singles were lost in the nether regions of the Top 40 before rampant personnel changes and pop trends sealed the group's fate.
Grass Roots Discography

Grass Roots Hits:

1967 - "Let's Live For Today" (U.S. #8)/"Things I Should Have Said" (U.S. #23)

1968 - "Midnight Confessions" (U.S. #5)

1969 - "Bella Linda" (U.S. #28)/"Lovin' Things" (U.S. #49)/"The River Is Wide" (U.S. #31)/"I'd Wait A Million Years" (U.S. #15)/"Heaven Knows" (U.S. #24)

1970 - Walking Through The Country" (U.S. #44)/"Baby Hold On" (U.S. #35)

1971 - "Temptation Eyes" (#15)/"Sooner Or Later" (U.S. #9)/"Two Divided By Love" (U.S. #16)

1972 - "Glory Bound" (U.S. #34)/"The Runway" (U.S. #39)


1967 Let's Live for Today
1968 Feelings
1968 Golden Grass
1969 Lovin' Things
1969 Leavin' It All Behind
1970 More Golden Grass
1971 Their 16 Greatest Hits
1972 Move Along
1973 Alotta' Mileage
1975 Grass Roots
1976 The ABC Collection
1978 14 Greatest
1982 Powers Of The Night
2000 Live At Last
2001 Symphonic Hits
2008 Live Gold

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