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Good For You

The combination of a Hardcore Punk guitarist and a professional skateboarder may seem odd but it works - especially since the skateboarder, Mike Vallely, is also a musician (in addition to being an actor, television personality, stuntman, professional wrestler, and FHL hockey player).

Vallely first joined a band called Resistance in '85 but was kicked out for spending too much time skateboarding. In '03, Black Flag's Greg Ginn invited Vallely to sing at the group's '03 reunion shows in L.A. Vallely also fronted Mike V And The Rats, who placed a couple songs on Tony Hawk video games.

Good For You, a band with Ginn and Vallely released their debut album, "Life is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge," in '13.

"Greg and I had been talking about writing music together for many years," stated Vallely. "There was no real plan in place to 'team up' or anything like that. Creatively and artistically we just found a common road."

The album was recorded at Ginn's Casa Destroy Studios in Taylor, TX.

"Working with Greg really opened me up as a writer and vocalist," added Vallely. "For the first time I feel I was really able to honestly express myself in the studio."

Good For You Discography


2013 Life is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge

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