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The Go! Team

Probably no one starts a band with the ambition of having their songs heard in commercials. Still, it's a great way to get your music out. The endless repetition can make even the newest sounds familiar. But commercials need audio (and visuals) that makes an immediate impression. It just so happened that Ian Parton's musical vision lent itself to short bursts.

When Parton was developing the concept for The Go! Team he wanted to mix samples, pop/cheerleader type chants, a taste of Hip-Hop, keyboards, guitars, horns (both real and synth) and even harmonica to create a noisy sound that made an impact. "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" was largely recorded at Parton's parent's Brighton, England house.

With the album's success ("Ladyfish topped the U.K. singles chart) came the opportunity to tour opening for Franz Ferdinand. That necessitated putting together a group. So in addition to Parton (guitar, harmonica, and drums), the band consisted of Ninja (Raps and vocals), Silke Steidinger (vocals, electric guitar, keyboards - replaced in '06 by Kaori Tsuchida), Jamie Bell (bass). Chi "Ky" Fukami Taylor (drums and vocals). Under Ninja's influence and improvisation, the live shows departed significantly from the studio efforts.

"Proof Of Youth," with lead single "Grip Like A Vice," rolled out in '07. The set featured guest appearances by Public Ememy's Chuck D ("Flashlight Fight"), MC Marina Vello ("Universal Speech") and Elizabeth Esselink - known as Solex, the Amsterdam-based kitsch-pop collage artist ("Keys To The City") but the effort still anchored itself in Rock.

The Go! Team Discography

The Go! Team ply catchy hooks and an upbeat sound to get across. Given the compact, populsive and driving sound, with all sorts of touches (samples, loops, shouts and even some clever melodies) going on it's hardly surprising so many songs on "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" got licensed for commercials and video games.

"Proof Of Youth" keeps the fun going with the synth pop "Grip Like A Vice," the noisy, yet amusing "Titanic Vandalism" and the pop chants on "Doing It Right." Basically, their everything and the kitchen sink approach is entertaining ear candy.

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