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Recording an album can be tedious and often expensive. Some artists have said they would much rather record songs when the spirit or inspiration moved them until they had enough tracks for an album. Well, this would be very inefficient to say nothing of the time involved. But bands just starting out often get to work on that schedule.

They want to control costs, so they go into the studio to do the minimum - an "A" side and maybe one other song. If the single sells, they get another shot. The Glasgow based Glasvegas (a combination of their hometown and Las Vegas) did just that.

Glasvegas formed in '03. The following year they issued a double A-side single "I'm Gonna Get Stabbed"/"Ina Lvs Rab." Another single "Go Square Go" landed in '06. Along the way the group lost drummer Ryan Ross (who split for the U.S.) and replaced him with Caroline McKay. They also garnered the support from Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records and one-time manager of Jesus Mary Chain. As a result Glasvegas was regularly compared to that group.

The releases kept coming with "Daddy's Gone" being named the #2 single of '08 by NME magazine (behind MGMT's "Kids"). That triggered a major label bidding war with Columbia Records signing the band. In the meantime, Glasvegas issued "It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry." But that song and others were re-recorded (also "I'm Gonna Get Stabbed" was shortened to "Stabbed"). Those tracks and new material rounded out Glasvegas' self-titled '08 debut.

Glasvegas settled into a Santa Monica studio at the beginning of '10 to lay down tracks for their sophomore album. But just a couple months later, Caroline Kay decided to leave for "personal reasons."

The band took the SoCal tracks to London for mixing. It turned out that "Euphoric\Heartbreak" was completed exactly one year to the day that Glasvegas had arrived in Santa Monica.
Glasvegas Discography

2008 Glasvegas
2008 A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) EP
2011 Euphoric\Heartbreak

The Jesus Mary Chain references won't go away and there are some tracks on their self-titled debut, "Flowers And Football Tops" and "Polmont On My Mind," where it fits. More often though Glasvegas comes closer to The Clash with soaring choruses. Allan's thick Scottish accent (which suits Punk) and emotive delivery makes the words nearly unintelligible but that doesn't impede the proceedings. A surprise is the torchy ballad "Daddy's Gone" which has an early-60s girl group feeling - though with a far harder edge. An excellent track.

The flinty Punk that put their debut over is completely gone on "Euphoric\Heartbreak." The set is overwrought, weighted with heavy topics (from lost love to death), and delivered in a heavy-handed manner. It's tepid synth pop with "The World Is Yours" being the obligatory Jesus Mary Chain-like track. Still, "Shine Like Stars" and "Euphoria, Take My Hand," the latter driven by a rock-solid riff, actually display unencumbered energy sans the dreaded overdose of drama.

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