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Girlschool was one of those bands that garnered a lot of attention due to the 'novelty', in the early '80's, of being an all-female British Metal band. In '82, Kerrang! voted Girlschool guitarist/vocalist Kelly Johnson the second 'Best Female Vocalist' and the 'Best Female Pin-up'.

Early albums were respectable but peaked well out of the U.K. Top 10. Due to record label snafus, a lack of promotion and rampant line-up changes (extensions), the group had a negligible impact in the U.S.

However, Girlschool, as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, found their niche as an opening act. Except for a brief hiatus in the early '90's that was where Girlschool could be found.

They released their debut album, "Demolition," in '80. The set featured the singles "Emergency," "Nothing To Lose" and "Race With The Devil." It reached #28 on the U.K. Album Chart.

Sophomore set, '81's "Hit And Run" with the title track, went to #5 in the U.K. But the album didn't appear in the U.S. until the following year, and there was no supporting tour. "Screaming Blue Murder," an '82 release lost ground and only got to #27 in the U.K., despite strong promotion.

The keyboard infused albums "Play Dirty" and "Running Wild" just about tanked the band's career. "We were signed to an American label," rhythm guitarist/vocalist Kim McAuliffe explained. "There was a certain amount of pressure exerted on us to sound more American." Though the albums got little marketing support, Girlschool toured the U.S. extensively.

They attempted to get back to their Metal roots with the '86 set "Nightmare At Maple Cross" but that album, like the previous two, failed to register. From that point forward, the albums were less frequent but the results were the same.

In '00, the original line-up reconvened with Jackie Chambers on guitar instead of Johnson, who died of cancer in '07 following a six year battle.

Girlschool released their 13th album "Guilty As Sin" in '15.

Girlschool Discography


1980 Demolition
1981 Hit And Run
1982 Screaming Blue Murder
1983 Play Dirty
1985 Running Wild
1986 Nightmare At Maple Cross
1988 Take A Bite
1992 Girlschool
2002 21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent
2004 Believe
2008 Legacy
2011 Hit And Run - Revisited
2015 Guilty As Sin

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