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Eastern Anchors

"Leading With Your Right" sounds like the title of a song about defending yourself. Actually, it references vocalist/guitarist Walter Greene's wife and her futile attempts to teach him ballroom dancing. Wait a minute. Ballroom dancing? Who does ballroom dancing?

Some bands make it - hundreds don't. A bassist leaves. A two guitar line-up becomes one. Lead singers move on and somebody suggests adding a keyboard player.

Years become a decade and girlfriends turn into wives and there are bills to pay. Day jobs start looking like careers and instead of rehearsing, musicians, at their spouse's insistence, attempt ballroom dancing.

Eastern Anchors started in '06 as a quartet. Greene and Dave Urbano played guitar with Robby Wernersbach on bass. The guitarists' history dated back a decade when they were in Aviso' Hara. But before Eastern Anchors got too far, the real world intruded.

"Dave had the second bambino on the way and decided he really didn't have the time anymore," said Greene. When Wernersbach decided to leave a while later, Greene asked Urbano to come back, on bass. "I knew Dave was the right person to do it," added Greene. "It was basically like begging an old girl friend to get back with you."

The daily rehearsals that most band's employ gave way to a different process. "Now just to schedule one practice a month with three busy people who all have jobs and families is a challenge," stated Greene. "So we're constantly texting and emailing each other."

Eastern Anchors released a self-titled album in '09. Three years later, they issued "Drunken Arts And Pure Science." The album, recorded with producer Tom Beaujour at his Nuthouse Recording Studio in Hoboken, contained "Leading With Your Right," an atypical song for the group. "(It) is probably our most 'poppy' song," stated Greene. "Hopefully our noise-guitar hearts still shine through."

The album cover featured the "Robot in the Woods" painting by Neil O'Brien.

Eastern Anchors Discography


2009 Eastern Anchors
2012 Drunken Arts And Pure Science

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