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Drummers are often forgotten. They sit in the back pounding away. Rarely are they as flashy as a singer or guitarist and they hardly ever front a band. No one knows that better than a drummer. But aside of commiserating with each other, there's not a lot they can do. But Black Keys' Patrick Carney discovered a viable option.

While Black Keys guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach worked on his solo debut, "Keep It Hid," Carney joined Drummer - a band consisting of Ohio based drummers. For the band, Carney dropped the sticks and picked up a bass. The other drummers expanding their horizons were Jon Finley (vocals and guitar), Steve Clements (keyboards) and Jamie Stillman (guitar). Only Greg Boyd stayed on drums. The group released their debut "Feel Good Together" in '09.

Drummer Discography


2009 Feel Good Together

Drummers often muse about what they would do if they were out front. Drummer gives at least four drummers that opportunity.

Given Carney's involvement it's hardly surprising that "Feel Good Together" is an energetic lo-fi effort. What's unexpected are the barbed guitars. "Feel Good Together" opens with the Punk inspired "Lottery Dust," then moves to the title track's spiraling fretwork. "Mature Fantasy" could pass for a Black Keys song - there has to be at least one of those. Following the OK "Every Nineteen Minutes," the album shakes loose with a series of exceptional songs kicked off by "Good Golly." Good stuff.

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