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However, after spending the mid-60s churning out Folk influenced pop anthems like "Sunshine Superman" and "Mellow Yellow," Donovan, like Dylan, found Rock. His one shining moment came with the release of "Hurdy Grudy Man." The song was a tribute to a type of British street entertainer and was dominated by Jeff Beck's guitar, with distorted licks playing across the phrasing. Absolutely incredible.

Donovan Discography

Donovan could produce something "cool" like "Mellow Yellow" (an updated cover was used in a GAP commercial) but most of his Folk/pop career was spent creating gentle ditties. The one major exception is "Hurdy Gurdy Man." It's Rocks. The wah-wah peddle gets a work out on another classic "Season of the Witch." Both are on "Donovan's Greatest Hits."

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