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Divine Fits

There's a thing about trying to manage expectations. When members from well-known groups get together expectations go off the charts. That's why Spoon's Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner decided to play their first show, not under the group's moniker Divine Fits, but as Hot Skull (which had briefly been considered the name of the group. But they were found out and the Austin show drew a full house and lot of press. The 12-song set included tracks from their debut, A Thing Called The Divine Fits, plus a cover of Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky."

Daniel and Boeckner appreciated each other's work but to actually write and record together took some planning but mostly waiting. When the idea was first broached Boeckner had several months of touring with ahead of him.

"I said, 'Let's get together in October' and it felt long, but it eventually came," said Daniel. "He flew to L.A. and we got into the studio."

In the interim, Daniel went into the studio to record on his own. After discussing with his producer what makes an ideal drummer, Daniel was hooked up with Sam Brown.

"I didn't know what Sam Brown was all about," Boeckner joked after he met the drummer. "But I was pleasantly surprised and we just started working on tunes. I knew this band was going to be great."

"A Thing Called Divine Fits," dropped in the summer of '12. "It feels different," said Boeckner. "It feels exciting."

Divine Fits Discography


2012 A Thing Called Divine Fits

Expertly constructed synth-pop.

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