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Dirty Pretty Things

You could almost call Dirty Pretty Things "the Libertines - Part II." But they didn't start out that way. By the time the Libertines disintegrated in '04, guitarist/vocalist Peter Doherty had parked his substance abuse problems with his new creation, Babyshambles.

Meanwhile, fellow ex-Libertine, Carl Barat began working on his own project. But in short order he recruited Libertines bandmate, drummer Gary Powell. The next person added was Anthony Rossomando, who had briefly replaced Doherty in the Libertines. Bassist Didz Hammond completed the line-up.

A handful of European shows (including a performance at the same Paris venue where the Libertines made their last stand) the group headed for L.A. to record "Waterloo To Anywhere" featuring "Bang Bang You're Dead." The album made it to #3 on the U.K. charts and hit U.S. shores in August of '06.

Dirty Pretty Things Discography

Studio Albums:

2006 Waterloo To Anywhere
2008 Romance At Short Notice

The Libertines had the potential to be a major group. But Doherty's antics short-circuited their prospects. Fortunately, Barat and crew got a second chance and took full advantage of it. Dirty Pretty Things' "Waterloo To Anywhere" is one of the best debut albums in some time. Much like the Libertines' initial offering, "Waterloo To Anywhere" has slashing, chord spitting guitars and smart lyrics, delivered by Barat's deep, slightly affected, vocals.

While songs ponder deep questions, "Gin & Milk" asks for something to die for and "Doctors And Dealers" questions the value of being saved while "The Enemy" recognizes that the problem is in one's own head, the album has a toss-off, good natured feeling led by the joyfully frantic, Punked- up "You F*cking Love It." The single "Bang Bang You're Dead" is great but there is a lot more including the Ska influenced "The Gentry Cove."


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