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Crash Kings

Many musicians lack any sense of self promotion. For every David Lee Roth or Liam Gallagher, there are a thousand modest, self deprecating musicians who, when complimented, will immediately try to figure out the person's angle (motives or intentions). There is a feeling, well founded by the way, not to trust anyone outside the band.

So when musician/producer Linda Perry expressed an interest in Crash Kings, only a few months after they had formed in '06, Tony Beliveau's radar was up. It turned out Perry was genuine and the band was led through the corporate label maze.

Perry signed the band to her Custard Records label. Well fine, but somebody had to actually pay for the recording sessions, manufacture the CDs, make downloads available and promote the band. So they auditioned for the head of Universal Motown.

Having passed the audition they were introduced to Dave Sardy who produced the band's'10 eponymous debut album, featuring the single "Mountain Man." The set was release on the Custard/Universal Motown imprint.

Yes, Tony and Mike Beliveau are brothers.
Crash Kings Discography


2009 Crash Kings
2013 Dark Of The Daylight
2015 Live Nudes - EP

The name, Crash Kings, is a bit of a misnomer. That moniker implies a self-destructive Punk band that often leaves the stage and the audience in shreds. Actually, they are a pop-Rock band with a finely honed sense of melody.

It's an interesting coincidence that the week Genesis entered the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame the Crash Kings released their debut. Many tracks seem in line with the Phil Collins/Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford edition of Genesis. For a more contemporary feel, they also ride on Train's tracks.

The key songs are "Mountain Man," (of course), "It's Only Wednesday," "14 Arms" and "You Got Me."

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