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There aren't many band's that know who bought their first album. But the Courteeners' "St. Jude" was purchased by Andrew Harris at 12:01am on April 7th, '08. The album was signed and noted by the band's guitarist/vocalist Liam Fray.

The Courteeners, an indie band consisting of childhood friends, began two years earlier in Middleton, England. They released a series of singles ("Cavorting," "Acrylic" and "What Took You So Long?" before "St. Jude" arrived. The album peaked at #4 on the U.K. chart.

As a result the Courteeners picked up a patron- Morrissey. The former Smiths frontman and solo performer talked up the band. "Every song {on "St. Jude"} was very strong and full of hooks and full of dynamic," Morrissey said during a U.S. radio interview. "I thought, 'this is great' and that so many groups in England, they're hyped and they're huge and they're all over the press and they don't really actually have any songs, they don't really have anything to offer ... but it's different with The Courteeners, they actually do have very good, strong songs." The group made their U.S. debut in '09. The New York show was followed by a month long tour and an opening slot for Morrissey.

Sophomore set "Falcon," featuring the single "You Overdid It Doll," landed in '10. Like St. Jude," "Falcon" shot into the Top 10 on the U.K. album chart. An EP, Electric Lick," came out later in the year. The set contained two songs from "Falcon" ("Lullaby" and "Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips"), two new tracks ("Three Months" and "Swear Down" and a cover version of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Zero."

Courteeners Discography

While there is an occasional electric guitar flourish ("Fallowfield Hillbilly"), the Courteeners play acoustic oriented Brit Rock. This tendency is more pronounced on "Falcon" than on "St. Jude."

Courteeners Albums:

2008 St. Jude
2010 Falcon


2008 Here Comes The Young Man
2008 Live At Manchester Apollo
2010 Electric Lick

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