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Corrosion Of Conformity

Corrosion Of Conformity guitarist Woody Weatherman has seen them come and go - and comeback again. Bassist Mike Dean, left in '87 but rejoined six years later, and drummer Reed Mullin walked away in '01, only to sign on again nine years down the road.

Guitarist Pepper Keenan joined in '89 and stayed until the Punk/Metal group went on hiatus in '06. Corrosion Of Conformity returned in '10 but without Keenan, who was busy touring and recording with his group Down. But in 15, Corrosion Of Conformity embarked on a brief U.K. tour, their first trek with Keenan in nine years.

Corrosion Of Conformity (also known as C.O.C.), who hailed from Raleigh, NC, formed in '82 with Weatherman, Dean, Mullen and vocalist Eric Eycke.

Their first three studio albums― "Eye For An Eye" (1984), the only one with Eycke, "Animosity" (1985) and "Blind" (1991)―led to signing with Columbia Records. But between "Animosity" and "Blind," Dean bailed and so did singer Simon Bob Sinister. For the "Animosity" set Mullin and Dean shared vocal duties.

As the group searched for a new vocalist Caroline Records issued an EP containing C.O.C. songs with Dean as the vocalist - aptly titled "Six Songs With Mike Singing."

Eventually, singer Karl Agell was recruited along with Phil Swisher on bass and Pepper Keenan as the second guitarist. This Weatherman led line-up recorded "Blind." The video for "Vote With A Bullet" received airplay on MTV and the album sold approximately 250,000 copies.

Not coincidently, C.O.C'.s Columbia debut, "Deliverance," was their best seller, moving over 400,000 units. The singles "Albatross" and "Clean My Wounds" were Top 20 Rock radio hits. Though the album managed to spend almost four months on the Billboard 200, it peaked at only #155.

Their follow-up "Wiseblood," though critically acclaimed and C.O.C's highest-charting album (#104) in the U.S, didn't do half as well.

As a result, Columbia dropped the group.

C.O.C. moved to Sanctuary Records were they continued amid line-up changes, and declining sales, until going on hiatus.

Two years after the re-launch, C.O.C. issued their self-titled eighth album. Then came the aptly titled "IX," since it was their ninth studio effort.

In addition to Keenan's work with Down, Dean participated in Snake Nation and both Dean and Mullen founded Teenage Time Killers, collective that also included guitarist Mick Murphy, of the L.A. based My Ruin.

Debut set, "Teenage Time Killers: Greatest Hits Vol. 1," was recorded at Dave Grohl's (Foo Fighters) Studio 606, and dropped in late July of '15.

Back on the road in '16, C.O.C had to deal with Mullin's temporary absence. An alcohol-related seizure forced the drummer to leave the band's tour with Clutch and Lamb Of God. C.O.C. pressed on utilizing Clutch drummer Jean Paul Gaster and Lamb Of God's Chris Adler.

Expected to be absent for an extended period, Mullin surprisingly rejoined the group just days later, beginning with a concert in Winnipeg.

Former frontman Eycke didn't fare as well. After receiving hospice care, the singer, passed away in '17 (9/22). "(Eric's) broad musical knowledge shaped the band's early identity," read a C.O.C. statement.

A few months later "No Cross No Crown" arrived. The '18 album's lead single was "Cast The First Stone."
Corrosion Of Conformity Discography

Studio Albums:

1984 Eye For An Eye
1985 Animosity
1991 Blind
1994 Deliverance
1996 Wiseblood
2000 America's Volume Dealer
2005 In The Arms Of God
2012 Corrosion Of Conformity
2014 IX
2018 No Cross No Crown


1987 Technocracy
1989 Six Songs With Mike Singing
2010 Your Tomorrow Parts 1 & 2

Live Album:

2001 Live Volume

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