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Corin Tucker Band

Corin Tucker was a founding member (along with Carrie Brownstein and Lora Mac Farlane) of indie legend Sleater-Kinney, a band named after a street in Olympia, WA, the group's hometown. Sleater-Kinney released seven albums in 11 years before going on hiatus in '06.

Bands, especially an indie outfit, usually appreciate any publicity but an interview with Spin magazine blew up big. The group discussed a variety of subjects but the big news was that Tucker and Brownstein were dating. Tucker's bisexuality, and her subsequent break-up with Brownstein, drew undue attention. Tucker went on to marry filmmaker Lance Bangs in '00 and the couple had two children (Marshall and Glory).

The Corin Tucker Band was launched with help from Sara Lund (Unwound) and Seth Lorinczi (Golden Bears). October, '10, saw the release of debut album, "1,000 Years," (called a "middle-aged mom record").

The group's second album, "Kill My Blues," dropped two years later and was supported by a national tour.
Corin Tucker Band Discography


2010 1,000 Years
2012 Kill My Blues

The opening tracks on "1,000 Years," with the exception of "Half A World Away," which utilizes African rhythms, saunters along without much of interest, even for middle-aged moms. But that changes with "Doubt," a power chord track reminiscent of vintage Pretenders. "Riley" and "Big Goodbye" are Alt. Rock gems flashing urgency and drive.

"Kill My Blues," all jangling and energetic, will do just that. The best elements of "1,000 Years" are emphasized. The spirited "Groundhog Day," "Neskowin," which is partially based on youthful adventures in the small Oregon coast town of the same name, and "I Don't' Wanna Go," where Tucker pulls out her best Chrissie Hynde impersonation (The Pretenders again), are the main attractions. This is good ol' guitar driven Rock n' Roll. Can't beat that.

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