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Cloud Nothings

Careers are often measured in terms of sales, tours and longevity. In Dylan Baldi's case it could be gauged by producers - going from being self-produced to working with a top line producer, Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Cheap Trick, PJ Harvey).

Baldi, a one-time a student at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve, began writing and recording in his parents' basement. "Hey Cool Kid," a song that created an online/blog buzz, was featured on the lo-fi debut set "Turning On," issued by the D.C. based Carpark Records.

A New York promoter wanted to book Baldi's band - which meant he had to form one.

With a band and some notoriety, Baldi escaped the basement (though he continued to live at his parents' house when not touring). The group's self-titled effort was recorded in Baltimore with producer Chester Gwazda. That led to more touring but with a twist. "We got bored playing the same type of songs over and over," said Baldi. "We didn't even play a lot of them (the songs from the album) live."

"Attack On Memory," produced by Albini, was the first album in '12 to receive "Best New Music" status on It pays to release an album right after the 1st of the year.

Just months later, Cloud Nothings began work on their fourth album. Baldi said it was "less melodic and less straightforward" than "Attack On Memory."

Tentatively titled "Body Music," the album was slated for a '13 release. However, "Here And Nowhere Else" and the single "I'm Not Part Of Me" didn't drop until the following spring.

"Life Without Sound," containing the single "Modern Act," came next. "This record is like my version of new age music," explained Baldi. "It's supposed to be inspiring." The '17 album was the first to feature guitarist Chris Brown, who had joined the band earlier in the year as a touring member before becoming full-time.

Cloud Nothings Discography

Studio Albums:

2010 Turning On
2011 Cloud Nothings
2012 Attack On Memory
2014 Here And Nowhere Else
2017 Life Without Sound


2012 Live At The Grog Shop

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