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Charm City Devils

So how does a relatively unknown group land on Motley Crue's '09 Crue Fest 2 tour? Helps that the band is signed to Crue bassist Nikki Sixx's label, Eleven Seven Records.

OK, so how does a band get signed to Sixx's label? That requires a little more explanation.

It starts with SR-71, a group named after the world's fastest airplane. They released three albums; "Now You See Inside" ('00), "Tomorrow" ('02) and "Here We Go Again" '04. Drummer John Allen joined in '02, replacing Dan Gavin.

Over the years, Allen built a reputation as a songwriter and studio/touring musician. Deciding to chuck the drums in favor of being a frontman, Allen holed up in his Baltimore basement studio to put together Charm City Devils.

The single "Let's Rock-N-Roll" became a local radio hit and that led to Eleven Seven. From there, the group toured regionally. But Allen took some time off to appear with Motley Crue on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! The Cre performed the single "White Trash Circus" with the frontmen from their touring partners - Sully Erna (Godsmack), Tyler Connolly (Theory Of A Deadman), Ryan McCombs (Drowning Pool) and Allen.

Charm City Devils Discography

"Let's Rock-N-Roll" is available as an mp3.

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