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Violent World was a vegan straight edge outfit. Straight edge adherents refrained from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. The movement, which started in the '80s, was a direct reaction to the sexual revolution, hedonism, and excess associated with Punk Rock. Violent World also included a vegan diet as part of the mix.

The Bay Area band dropped the Violent World moniker to become Ceremony. Their first release was an EP titled "Ruined." Essentially, "Ruined" was re-recorded, along with new songs, to comprise the group's '05 full-length debut, "Violence Violence." Three years later, the album "Still Nothing Moves You," led to extensive touring.

Ceremony's sophomore set was famously described as "Hardcore's equivalent of Hiroshima" (by Exclaim!'s Keith Carman) and their sound as a "non-stop bludgeoning of sonic fury" and "fast, brutal Hardcore."

Dialing down the fury a notch, their third full-length effort, "Rohnert Park" (the name of the Bay Area community the group was from), dropped in '10 and was following by the EP "Ceremony 6 Cover Songs," which, as the title implies, was a collection of songs originally recorded by Urban Waste, Pixies, Crisis, Eddie and the Subtitles, Vile and Wire. The set also marked the end of the band's relationship with the Bridge 9 imprint.

Ceremony's '12 debut on Matador Records was titled "Zoo." It was viewed as a departure from the group's blistering trademark sound, focusing on a more pre-Hardcore Punk sound.

"The L-Shaped Man" also on Matador, dropped in '15. A dour mood prevailed causing critics to rate it below "Zoo."

Ceremony Discography

Studio Albums:

2006 Violence Violence
2008 Still Nothing Moves You
2010 Rohnert Park
2012 Zoo
2015 The L-Shaped Man


2005 Ruined
2007 Scared People
2008 He-god Has Favored Our Undertakings
2010 Sick
2011 Ceremony 6 Cover Songs
2012 Hysteria

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