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Drug addiction and a broken marriage are cliché for successful bands. But when it happens to a struggling, unknown group, it really hurts.

Guitarist Chris Hobbs, bassist Ryan Kemp, and drummer Chad La Roy were looking for a vocalist. Through a couple of friends they came across Casey Walker and that was the beginning of Hollow. A short time later Mike "Tomas" Tomasovich was added as a second guitarist. Hollow recorded some demos before deciding to change their name. The band settled on Cavo, a Latin variation of Hollow.

The group's '02 debut EP "A Space To Fill" yielded a couple songs ("Say Again" and "Unsung") that got played by local, St. Louis, radio stations. Things seemed on the rise but it would be four years before their self-released full length "The Painful Art Of Letting Go." The reason? The aforementioned personal troubles erupted and the group encountered recording difficulties including being abandoned by their producer. To top it off, Kemp and Tomasovich fell by the wayside. Walker recruited Brian Smith to replace Kemp.

'08 saw the "Champagne" EP. The title track became yet another local hit and also led to major label showcases. The band decided to go with the Warner/Reprise label. The following year, the group's sophomore set "Bright Nights, Dark Days" dropped.

Cavo let fans select the follow-up to lead single "Let It Go" (which peaked at #28 on U.S. Adult chart). They chose "My Little Secret," which went to radio in June. ('10).
Cavo Discography

Studio Albums:

2006 The Painful Art Of Letting Go
2009 Bright Nights Dark Days
2012 Thick As Thieves
2016 Bridges

Being from the no-frills Midwest, Cavo clearing understands mainstream Rock. "Champagne" with a hot guitar and an explosive hook earned all the attention it got. They don't top that but come pretty close. "Let It Go" and "Crush" demonstrate the group's melodic talents. "Cry Wolf" has a touch of U2 - namely mimicking The Edge's guitar. Mostly though Cavo forges their own sound and do it exceptionally well.

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