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Some bands consist of a single visionary and dedicated followers. Others have two or more members who share a musical goal. Since it is extraordinarily difficult to achieve Rock stardom those who attempt it usually need to be passionate and driven. Then there are bands, like Sweden's Caesars, that start as little more than a lark.

In '95, lead singer Cesar Vidal and guitarist Joakim ┼hlund, childhood schoolmates, launched the band for fun and were joined by bassist David Lindqvist and drummer Jens Írjeheim (who was soon replaced by Nino Keller).

They pretty much learned how to play in the band. So it was hardly surprising that their sound was raw. Through a friend who ran a record label, Caesar's Palace, a name that would later be shortened to avoid any hassles from the world famous casino, released a 7 inch single.

Blending garage Rock and psychedelia for a primitive yet appealing sound the Caesars' first album, "Youth Is Wasted On The Young," was out in '98. For U.S. distribution they wanted to change their name to The Caesarians but their label, Minty Fresh Records, nixed the idea preferring 12 Caesars. "Cherry Kicks" which appeared two years later was not released in the U.S. '02's "Love For The Streets" did well in Sweden (they even won a Swedish Grammy for Album Of The Year). That led Virgin Records to release a compilation "39 Minutes of Bliss In An Otherwise Meaningless World)" internationally (Astralwerks in the US).

The group's fourth album "Paper Tigers" hit in '05 and featured the hit "Jerk It Out" which was heard onTV shows, films and an iPod ad. Now that's big.

Caesars Discography


2003 39 Minutes Of Bliss
2005 Paper Tigers
2008 Strawberry Weed

Listening to "Jerk It Out" you'd think the Caesars are an iteration of Smash Mouth. Their huge hit aside, the Caesars are actually a good melodic, accessible, jangling Rock group. "It's Not The Fall," "Out There" and "May The Rain" are straight ahead mainstream Rockers with solid hooks. They even let the rhythm guitar lead the way on the Folk influenced "Your Time Is Near." All this is appealing though not as instantly catchy as "Jerk It Out."

On "39 Minutes" the Caesars sound rougher vocally and instrumentally. The songs are generally strong with. "I'm Gonna Kick You Out" being the set's best track. The bass driven "Crackin' Up" also registers.

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