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Brides Of Destruction

Brides Of Destruction

It's got to be one of the oldest tricks in the Rock N' Roll handbook. When a group's original members leave, OD or just plain wear out, it's the perfect opportunity to find a younger replacement - somebody who can present a youthful front to the faithful. Like when Judas Priest selected Ripper Owens. Brides Of Destruction took a slightly different tack. Rather than waiting for aged members to drop out, the L.A. Guns' Tracii Guns and Motley Crue-man Nikki Sixx started by recruiting a far younger vocalist in London LeGrand. It makes sense. Lead singers are usually the first to go sideways. And the ones that don't often bail for a solo career. Why not find some talented kid who'd be in awe of working with heavyweights (Guns and Sixx), take orders and be easy to control? While it looks good on paper, it is far more difficult in practice.

Providing a trial by fire, Sixx booked Brides Of Destruction as the opening act at a Mudvayne/Taproot concert to see whether LeGrand could handle the pressure. Well, LeGrand showed up dressed like an otherworldly tree. Yes, TREE! Trunk, branches and leaves. The show was a success and LeGrand earned the freedom to do whatever he wanted.

Guns and Sixx began talking about joining forces in '02. One of the primary goals was not to recreate either's past. That meant finding a fresh new vocalist. At the suggestion of L.A. Guns' bassist Adam Hamilton, LeGrand got an audition at Guns' home. He passed. Adema's Kris Kohls was the group's original drummer but scheduling difficulties forced him to drop out. Chicago native Coogan arrived and as an added benefit contributed backing vocals. The group began recording demos but as occasionally happens, the demos were deemed worthy of release and comprised much of the finished product for the '04 gutter Rock, touch of Punk with a side of '80s Metal sleaze, "Here Come The Brides."

Brides Of Destruction Discography


2004 Here Come The Brides
Runaway Brides

There's a tendency to write off '80s Hair Metal. But the appeal (aside from the hair and spandex) was the ability to play loud, hook driven Rock. While asserting they are different, Brides Of Destruction are right there.

"Here Come The Brides," a positively cheery title, is full of gritty yet accessible songs. "Only Get So Far" was originally penned by Sixx and Michael James for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Guns heard the tune and quickly nixed that idea. Here it gets a hard-edged reading, definitely not Country, but nearly perfect for arena Rock.

The politician bashing "Shut The F*ck Up," "2 Times Dead" and "Revolution" are pure headbangers. The Brides excel when they just let it rip. The high energy "I Don't Care" and the free-flowing "Natural Born Killers," even with the lyric "there you are… a superstar" are the CD's outstanding tracks.

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