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Bosnian Rainbows

When guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López put The Mars Volta on hiatus in '12, following the release of the group's sixth studio album, "Noctourniquet," and subsequent European tour, he didn't stop working. Rather, he formed Bosnian Rainbows with fellow Mars Volta vet Deantoni Parks (drums/keyboards), along with Teri Gender Bender (vocals) and Nicci Kasper (keyboards).

Originally known as the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, that was not a place that Rodríguez-López wanted to be. His total control of and commitment to The Mars Volta had been draining - the group disbanded only four months after going on hiatus. Rodríguez-López was looking for something more egalitarian.

With a European trek completed the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group was renamed Bosnian Rainbows.

Recorded in Hamburg, Bosnian Rainbows released their self-titled debut album in '13.

"These are very much shorter, more to-the-point songs [than The Mars Volta's]," stated Rodríguez-López. Not to imply that this was a radical departure, Rodríguez-López added that the songs "still have spaces that stretch out."

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2013 Bosnian Rainbows

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