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"Heart Of Glass" was one of those transition songs. It came along as disco's excesses consumed the genre. The Blondie song had a New Wave feel with a dash of Punk but you could still dance to it. As the group progressed its Rock tendencies emerged in the songs "Call Me," "One Way Or Another" and "Dreaming."

Blondie formed in '75 around the nucleus of Deborah Harry, a blonde ex-Playboy bunny, and her husband/guitarist Chris Stein.

The group was a hybrid from the start mixing melodic Rock with Punk and just about anything else that was available. "The Tide Is High" plugged-in Reggae while "Rapture" was considered the first "white Rap record" (if there is such a thing).

By the early '80s the group had run its course. Add to that Stein's debilitating illness and Blondie was done. Harry took time off to help her hubby recuperate before launching a checkered solo career. With Stein recovered, Blondie pulled itself back together in the late '90s but by then it didn't matter except to hardcore fans. '03 release "The Curse Of Blondie" continued to cater to the faithful.

Getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be a joyous occasion not a public spat. Old grievances should be set aside - if only for one night. Van Halen's induction was probably the messiest but Blondie's'06 fete was not far behind. It started pleasantly enough with an introductory speech by Shirley Manson (frontwoman for Garbage). Seven past and current band members were invited including Nigel Harrison and Frank Infante - both left Blondie in '82. When asked during the live broadcast if the pair could perform with the group, Harry flatly refused.

Later in the year, Blondie was inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard (adjacent to the Guitar Center).

Blondie celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of "Parallel Lines" in '08 with a world tour that kicked off in Baltimore (of all places).

"Panic Of Girls," Blondie's ninth studio album and first in eight years, was recorded for the band's own label in Woodstock.

On the heels of "Panic Of Girls," Blondie jumped into their next project, "Blondie 4(0) Ever." The double album, released in '14, had "Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux," re-recordings of Blondie's past singles, and the album, "Ghosts Of Download."

"Pollinator," arriving three years later, had songs written by TV On The Radio's David Sitek, Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Nick Valensi (The Strokes) and Charli XCX. "We're very serious about fun," stated Harry.

Blondie Discography

1976 Blondie
1978 Plastic Letters
1978 Parallel Lines
1979 Eat To The Beat
1980 Autoamerican
1982 The Hunter
1999 No Exit
2003 The Curse of Blondie
2011 Panic Of Girls
2014 Blondie 4(0) Ever
2017 Pollinator

Blondie's second album "Parallel Lines" is their best studio effort. It has "Heart of Glass," the slashing "One Way Or Another" and the Rock/pop "Sunday Girl." "Autoamerican" and "Eat To The Beat" are good albums with a couple hits each but overall they aren't as effective or as powerful as "Parallel Lines."

"Best Of Blondie" provides the group's best known work while "The Platinum Collection" digs deeper.


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